GEN ByPass


This is ONLY for PSP 1000(phat) and Hackable Slim with mobo lesser than TA-088v2.
  1. From the XMB, access the vsh menu by pressing SELECT
  2. Set USB DEVICE value from memory stick to flash 0
  3. Plug in the PSP, go to file directory ms0:/vsh/etc .
  4. Inside the etc folder, you will see a file named version.txt
  5. Edit the text right next to the word release change it from 9.90 to anything lower than 6.60
  6. SAVE IT!

  7. Unplug, access vsh menu, and revert USB DEVICE value back to memory stick.

Distinguishing your PSP

This guide will help users who are planning to mod their psps and will also inform them about their psp's specification, model, motherboard type, etc. I have used temporary cfws here and only instructed directions should be done and therefore I recommend that this is safe.
This is an image chart of PSP motherboards:


Here is a method how you can distinguish what your psp mobo is. This is process will involve semi hacking your psp, which means installing a temporary CFW into it which is very good to those users who have unhackble ones. If you are already in permaCFWs(ie. ME or Pro), you don't need to install an LCFW, follow the PSPIDENT process.
1. LCFW (You can grab any with the "LME-x.x" or "PRO-Bx" at the end of your corresponding firmware.6.60=6.60LME-x.x or 6.60PRO-Bx.
2. PSPident

~> Grab an LCFW from my Firmwall corresponding to your psp's current firmware version (ie. 6.60=6.60LME-x.x or 6.60PRO-Bx)
~> You will have to extract the file using either of WinRAR or WinZIP.
~> After the extracting:

For LME cfw users
~> copy BOTH installer and launcher into file directory ms0:/PSP/GAME folder. Wherein ms0=letter drive your psp is located. (ie. Removable Disk(G:)>/PSP/GAME/)
~> Run the installer file in your psp's xmb.
~> Press X to install modules and wait til the psp goes back to the main menu.
~> Run the launcher file. Wait and your psp will reboot.
~> Check Settings>System Settings>System Information, and it should say "Version: 6.xxLME-X.X"

For PRO cfw users
> Copy only PROUPDATE and FASTRECOVERY folder in the same file directory (ms0:/PSP/GAME). cipl_flasher is only use to make the cfw permanent on your psp. NOTE** Having this run on PSP 2000s that has mobo higher than TA-v088 and PSP 3000s will make you psp BRICK PERMANENTLY.
~> Run proupdate in your psp and install the cfw.
~> Check Settings>System Settings>System Information, and it should say "Version: 6.xxPRO-Bx"

~> Extract the PSPident file and copy the PSPIDENT folder into file the same file directory.
~> In your PSP xmb, run the file, and there, the homebrew will say your PSP's specs and will include importan parts such as mobo,model, and version.

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  1. I have a PSP Phat 100x and I want to upgrade it to a 6.60 so that I may play the current PSP games on there (such as Lego Pirates). However, I do not know which CFW to use, can you help? Thank you!!!